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Advantages of Online Restaurant Table Booking for Customers and Restaurants

Just like how the other online booking systems are penetrating the society, online restaurant booking systems are also getting popular. People have been relying on online booking systems for quite some time now. It all started with booking air tickets, cruise trips, shows, hotel rooms, theatre, salons, spas and concerts. Such online booking systems are significantly time saving and they also give one a sense of relaxation!

While reserving a table at a restaurant, people generally have different mind-sets. They don’t want to miss out on their favourite restaurant for a very special occasion or day. Hence, they prefer booking table for the designated number of people well in advance.

Sometimes we may have an important business gathering or meeting for which we would want to have a peaceful and exclusive ambiance. So, we make reservations at a suitable restaurant and make the arrangements accordingly. Restaurant reservation apps and online booking services come very handy for this.

Benefits of Online Table Booking for Customers

Customers find online reservation system to be very helpful as it extensively saves their time and prevents them from any form of disappointment when they arrive at their favourite restaurant only to find later that all tables are booked. Using such online reservation system, you can book your table well in advance and it also saves you from the waiting period. Once you arrive at the restaurant at the scheduled time, the restaurant staff will lay out the table for you without any delay. It is a great sense of relaxation to anyone whose table is pre-booked.

Online reservation systems allow customers to make their table reservations, receive e-mail notifications and time confirmation. It lets them know the number of people the restaurant can accommodate, dates, time available for reservation and the turn-by-turn directions to get to the restaurant location. Also, if there is any kind of changes made, the restaurant will be responsible to inform you . So, you don’t have to keep a track of the menu, operating hours, location and much more.

One excellent feature about such online services is that reservations can be made all round the clock and of course it can be done free of cost. The restaurant table reservation app users are offered an in-app custom feature by the restaurant that lets them choose Google’s GPS directions and map or the user can directly call the restaurant with an easy one-touch button that is usually present on the display page of the restaurant’s customized app.

Benefits of Online Table Booking for Restaurant

Confirmation of reservation helps in efficient and effective table management. It helps them make decisions like the day’s menu, amount of food that needs to be prepared, seating arrangements, presentation and decoration.

Such online booking services inform the restaurant staff of the likes, dislikes and needs of their customers. By keeping such information in mind, they can improve the service leaving their customers  content.

Another big advantage of online reservation systems is that it allows ‘self-service booking’ to customers online. Therefore, this process minimizes the time spent by the staff during hectic business hours to take reservation calls. It also avoids customers from being diverted to call answering machines when the staff is busy or if the restaurant is closed. Rather, it automatically takes their bookings and then sends them an e-mail or SMS for booking confirmation.

Through online reservation system, the restaurant staff can create a database of their customers. Such details about the customer can later be used to reward them through royalty programs or other such personalized services. This will help in improving customer restaurant relationship. Such online systems will also keep the customers informed of special promotions or upcoming events, keeping the customer curious about the restaurant.


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