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Quick Guide To Basic Adult Dog Nutrition

Canine nutrition is a vast topic, and as a pet owner, you must do your research. Of course, it is also important to talk to your local vet, to find the possible health concerns of your pooch. In this post, we will try to discuss basic adult dog nutrition and things you need to know.

What to feed?

So, there are many options in dog food – dry, wet, canned, raw, or home-cooked. It largely depends on the age, breed, lifestyle, and genetics of the dog, and also, on your convenience. If you are a working professional, you won’t have the time to cook, so dry or canned food is your best bet. Also, dry food might seem like a more economical choice, because once opened, it is hard to keep or store wet canned food. Commercial dry food remains the top choice for most pet owners, and you have options like Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food that are known for complete nutrition. If your pet gets bored with dry food, you can add a few chunks of wet liver and make his more interesting and appealing. In short, canned food should be used as a flavor enhancer.

As for home cooked food, it might be a good choice, but it is often hard to get the right balance between different nutrients. If you are keen on cooking, talk to a veterinary nutritionist to know what might work for your pet. There’s also a choice of raw diets, which are healthy but expensive.

Can my dog eat vegetarian food?

Although canines are carnivores, they do survive well on vegetarian food. In fact, you can find many healthy and natural sources of vegetarian protein, such as lentils, eggs, and cottage cheese. Once in a while, you can even try cheese cubes. Many brands are now selling vegetarian canned food, which are expensive but are good for vegan pet owners.

How many times should I feed my dog?

In most cases, your dog doesn’t need more than three to four meals each day, depending on his activity. Some pet owners keep food in the open, so that the dog can eat as required, but if you have a smart dog, you might need to monitor his diet. Also, your dog should have enough water, especially when he is on dry food.

Check online now to read reviews of dog foods, and if required, talk to a veterinary nutritionist!


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