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Tips on How to Make Successful Loaves of Bread Everyday

If you love baking, then you probably own a bread machine. It is an easy to use machine that pretty much any ordinary person can use. It is also a good option for first timers to get acquainted with the bread baking process.

There are several models and types to choose that you can find in breadmachinemom.com. You may want to consider a few things before buying like the size, shape and of course your budget. You can find affordable and quality bread makers even with a limited budget.

The process of bread making may sound so complicated and tedious but a bread maker makes the process much easier and quicker than manual preparation. Alternatively, there is the option of buying bread from the store, but the downside is that you may not get the freshest of them available.

Don’t walk away

Most people feel that there is no need to be there once they press the start button. It seems easy to just put all the ingredients in, press start and then come back later to find the bread ready. This will most likely fail almost all the times you do that. You need to be there or at least come and have a look at how things are going on every now and then.

Check the dough

Once you have placed all the ingredients in the basket of your bread machine, in the correct order of course and started the machine, you should check how it kneads the dough. You simply open the lid and observe probably 10 minutes in, the reason is because you want to ensure that it’s not too wet or too dry.

After the kneading process is done, you also need to check. At this point you need to wipe out any excess flour out of the basket as this will cause floury spots on the crust. You also need to take the paddles out to ensure that you don’t have big holes and rips in the end at the bottom. This is done right before baking.

Use a timer

A timer is an effective way to ensure that you don’t forget if you have other things you’re dealing with and also let you know that it’s done. When you don’t have a timer, you may not know when exactly the bread is ready and end up undercooking or burning the bread.

Stay around

While the bread is cooking, you need to stick around. You can check the manual on when to expect for it to be done so that you have an idea of when to expect the final rise. This way you can easily know what to expect the next time you bake in terms of timing.

Final rise

Just before the final rise, you need to reshape the loaf. This is important as it will prevent any slopes. You can check if it’s fine and if you hadn’t removed the paddles then you should at that point.

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