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Which Chinese Meals Can You Share With Your Friends?

Chinese food is made for sharing, so this is going to influence the kind of dishes that you order from the takeaway.

  • You might be having dinner with your family or a wide selection of your friends.
  • Their dietary needs are going to be taken into account and then you can easily place an order online.

Which Chinese meals can you share easily with your friends?

Duck With Pancakes

Duck with pancakes ordered from a Chinese takeaway in Bristol can easily be shared amongst a group because everyone can have an individual pancake. The duck flavour can be decided amongst your friends. Some people may prefer to have hoisin duck whilst others might want a duck that has been marinated in a black bean sauce.

The takeaway will make the duck to your exact specifications and then you can share the meal with your friends.

Hot And Spicy Calamari

Many dishes in Chinese cooking contain seafood. You and your friends might want to try spicy calamari for the first time. You can order it with a hot and spicy sauce. The individual strands of squid tentacles are going to be very easy for you to share with your friends.

The takeaway can make the spicy sauce to your exact specifications.

Black Pepper King Prawns

King prawns are extremely juicy and full of flavour. They are perfect for sharing. You can order enough king prawns for everyone who is going to be eating the takeaway. These king prawns can be smothered in a black pepper sauce. Divide the prawns between your friends when the takeaway driver has delivered them.

Sweet And Sour Battered Pork

Pieces of battered pork can be shared between your friends. The takeaway is going to make sure that the batter is crispy and that the pork is full of flavour. This is one of the most popular items on any menu. You can specify the amount of sourness that you would like in the sauce.

There will be enough sweet and sour pork to be shared amongst all of your friends.


There may be some vegetarians in your group, and you want to make sure that they have a good meal. There are many different types of tofu that can be shared amongst you and your vegetarian friends. The tofu can be flavoured with salt and pepper for those people who enjoy a classic taste. The tofu can be flavoured with chilli for those people who want to have a spicy flavour. This can be the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes.

Overall Conclusion

There are many different dishes that you can share when you are ordering a Chinese meal. Prawns, squid, pork and tofu are just some of the sharing dishes that you can select from the menu. There are many other dishes which are suitable to be shared amongst several people at one time.

This might become your preferred way to eat all of your meals rather than just having individual portions.

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